Tiwi Islands

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Tiwi Islands,

island group, Northern Territory, Australia, c.50 mi (80 km) N of Darwin, in the Timor Sea. Consisting of Bathurst IslandBathurst Island,
c.1,000 sq mi (2,590 sq km), Northern Territory, N Australia, near Melville Island, between the Timor and Arafura seas. The island is a reservation owned by the Tiwi people.
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 and the much larger Melville IslandMelville Island,
2,240 sq mi (5,802 sq km), Northern Territory, N Australia, in the Timor Sea 16 mi (26 km) off the coast. It is 65 mi (105 km) long and 45 mi (72 km) wide and is separated from Bathurst Island by Apsley Strait.
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 to the east across the narrow Apsley Strait, the group is separated from the Australian mainland by the Beagle Gulf (SW), Clarence Strait (S), Van Dieman Gulf (SE), and Dundas Strait (NE). The islands are named for the Tiwis, the aboriginal people who live there. Nguiu, on the southeastern tip of Bathurst, is the main township. The largely traditional economy is based on hunting, fishing, native arts and crafts, and some limited tourism.
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Local community members of the Tiwi Islands, located 126 kilometres northwest of Darwin in Australia, killed a 2-metre long crocodile on Wednesday afternoon based on the belief that the reptile was the one that ate a missing 22-year-old man from Melville Island.
It looks at five communities: Elcho Island, Milingimbi, Gunbalanya, Minjilang and the Tiwi Islands.
Sachin was also presented a stump, made by one of the indigenous tribes in Tiwi Islands in Australia.
The jobs and skills centre are integral to the project's development and have resulted in ongoing employment for many Indigenous community members from the Tiwi Islands to Cairns.
It is a multicultural indigenous community, with many languages being spoken here [from across all of Arnhem land, Tiwi Islands, desert communities, Torres Strait islands].
The six 'missing' birds are the white-breasted white-eye from Norfolk Island, whose disappearance was caused by rat predation; the western Victorian form of the pied currawong and the hooded robin from the Tiwi Islands, both decimated by changes in fire management practices; the thick-billed grasswren from Mice Springs and the southern form of the star finch that once occurred from Townsville to northern NSW, which were both affected by overgrazing; and the spotted quail-thrush from the Mt Lofty Ranges in South Australia, which was driven to probable extinction by habitat fragmentation.
The final article, by Frank Urban, investigates the possibility that islands labelled 'Guaon' on some early maps of the East Indies are evidence of Portuguese discovery of the Tiwi Islands in the sixteenth century, and that references on various early maps of the region to gold may have confused the Portuguese word for that metal, ouro, with that for eggs, ovo.
Matilda ZirconProject StrategyMatilda's strategy is to develop the advanced zircon projects in the Tiwi Islands and the leucoxene project at Keysbrook to provide an immediate revenue stream.
It doesn't matter whether you're in a small town in country Queensland, on the Tiwi Islands playing cricket with indigenous kids or following the Ashes tour in England, the message is always the same.
The Tiwi Islands are located off the northern coast of Australia in the Arafura Sea.
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