Tokyo Rose

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Tokyo Rose:

see D'Aquino, Iva ToguriD'Aquino, Iva Toguri,
1916–2006, American citizen of Japanese descent, best-known of some dozen women who, during World War II, made English propaganda broadcasts to American troops on Radio Tokyo; b. Los Angeles as Iva Ikuko Togura.
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Tokyo Rose

(Iva Ikuko Toguri D’Aquino, 1916–) Japanese broadcaster who urged U.S. troops to surrender during WWII. [Am. Hist.: Flexner, 449]
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Tokyo Rose kept telling us we were "in for a surprise.
Tokyo Rose was Japan's radio voice to GIs in the Pacific, so the US Army threw her in jail.
Other rockers of note included Persian Risk (featuring 'filthy Phil'), the Night Pilots (fronted by the much missed Kym Ryan), Tokyo Rose, Singapore, the Red Sharks, and the slightly more quirky, Mad Dog.
While they were, of course, the same person, the legend Tokyo Rose was vilified as a Japanese propagandist in the news media, and Toguri was tried for treason as a result.
Though I expected to wade dutifully through what she had to say about John Amery in Britain and Tokyo Rose in the United States, I had no idea about how fascinating their stories would be.
According to Bloomberg, the MSCI Asia Pacific Index in Tokyo rose 3.
LOCAL band Tokyo Rose are due to release a single on iTunes and a video which is filmed at the Angel of the North.
In fiscal 2008 through the month, the core price gauge for the central part of Tokyo rose 1.
Land prices in Chiba, to the east of Tokyo Bay, declined 41 percent from 2000 to 2007, whereas central Tokyo rose 11 percent.
The temperature in the Otemachi business district in downtown Tokyo rose to 29.
Third song, Tokyo Rose could be early funk-laden Spandau Ballet with the spoken lyrics, "She speaks to us from Tokyo/she turns seduction into murder", before it spits into a new wave blitzkrieg.

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