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The company has a branch office in Tolyatti which renders complex export and import services (including service last miles) for the members of the foreign economic activity in the Samara and Ulyanovsk regions, as well as in other regions of the Volga district.
Black PR specialists invented the news pegs in a way designed to undermine the reputation of ToAZ as much as possible in the eyes of Tolyatti residents, the Russian authorities and leadership and all Russians at large.
In a sign of the angry mood in Tolyatti, hundreds of workers took to the streets Saturday for an officially-sanctioned but rare protest against the mass lay-offs.
The paper probed gangland violence waged over Russia's largest carmaker, AvtoVAZ, and exposed Tolyatti crime groups' infiltration into local businesses and politics," reported Rodriguez.
The fight for major ammonia and fertilizer producer Tolyattiazot (ToAZ) based in the Volga industrial city of Tolyatti has gone to extremes, jeopardizing the livelihood of city residents and threatening the normal operation of basic city services.
Already Tolyatti, one of Russia s most loyal factory towns, has seen rumbles of discontent.
Open Competition: Development of the project plan with the project of surveying the territory bounded Kirov Street, Forest, Komsomolskaya and the border of the forest in the Central district of Tolyatti
Russian Technologies to create fertilizer holding on the basis of Silvinit, Sibur and Tolyatti Azot.
Nissan plans to annually produce 70,000 units of the Bluebird Sylphy small sedan at the Avtovaz facilities, said Grigory Khvorostyanov, vice president of Russia's largest carmaker, based in the town of Tolyatti.
LIDER is a subsidiary of Tolyatti meat packing plant, with manufacturing potential of 100-120 tons per day of sausages, smoked foods, pastes, semi-finished meat items and canned foods with more than 250 brands.