Tongass Conservation Society

Tongass Conservation Society (TCS)

Address:PO Box 23377
Ketchikan, AK 99901

Established: 1960s. Description:Dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of the many island forests of the Tongass in southeastern Alaska through protection of habitat from the pressures of industrial exploitation. Dues: $25/year ($35/year for families, $15/year for students/seniors).

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In a lot of respects, the way in which we manage the forest determines what kind of community we have," said Eric Hummel of the Tongass Conservation Society.
It's a group of seasoned sparring partners that make up the steering committee for the collaborative stewardship project involving the controversial Cleveland Peninsula: the Alaska Forest Association, the Tongass Conservation Society, Ketchikan Pulp Co.
The Tongass Conservation Society has also historically appealed a number of U.