Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

at Cambridge; coeducational; chartered 1861, opened 1865 in Boston, moved 1916. It has long been recognized as an outstanding technological institute and its Sloan School of Management has notable programs in business, economics, and finance. Among its facilities are five high-energy accelerators, a large nuclear reactor, and a noted nuclear engineering laboratory. The institute also operates a research center (Round Hill) near South Dartmouth, Mass., the Lincoln Laboratory at Lexington, Mass., and an engineering practice school at Oak Ridge, Tenn. Significant among its more than 70 special laboratories are those for artificial intelligence, space research, cancer research, manufacturing and productivity, computer science, plasma fusion, instrumentation, and spectroscopy. The institute also has cooperative arrangements with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Brookhaven National Laboratory. The institute's Boston Stein Club Map Room in the Hayden Library and the Hart Nautical Museum are noteworthy.


See S. C. Prescott, When M.I.T. Was Boston Tech, 1861–1916 (1954).

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

(MIT) An independent, coeducational university located in Cambridge, MA, USA. Its best-known computer-related labs are the Artificial Intelligence Lab, the Lab for Computer Science and the Media Lab. It is also known for its hacks or practical jokes, such as The Great Dome Police Car Hack. Resident computer hackers include Richard Stallman, Gerald Sussman and Tom Knight.

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G2 is comprised of a combination of Wall Street finance and IT veterans and first-rate graduates from the nation's top engineering schools.
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