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Cu(UO2)2(PO4)2·8-12H2O A green radioactive mineral crystallizing in the tetragonal system and occurring in tabular crystals or in foliated form. Also known as chalcolite; copper uranite; cuprouranite; uran-mica.



(or copper uranite), a mineral belonging to the subclass of simple hydrous phosphates. The chemical formula is Cu(UO2)2[PO4]2·12H2O. The high-temperature variety is metatorbernite, Cu(UO2)2[PO4]2·8H2O.

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Uranium in Veins: Veins of autenite and torbernite have been found in the Concharrumio trenches of the Lincoln XXIV concession.
5 meters thick comprising pitchblende, autenite and torbernite have been found in the escarpment of the benches in the upper tufa sequence.