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a genus of coniferous, evergreen, and usually dioecious trees or shrubs of the family Taxaceae (yew). The plants range in height from 6 to 30 m. The stiff needles are glossy dark-green, with two white bands of stomata below. The micro-strobiles are solitary, and the pollen has no air sacs. The cones, or megastrobiles, are solitary or in pairs on a short axillary branch-let. The seed, which matures in the second year, is surrounded by a reddish fleshy aril, resembling a berry. The plants yield stool shoots and root suckers. They are shade tolerant and slow-growing. Their yellowish, sturdy wood is used for furniture, boxes, and finishing work. Torreya are grown as ornamental hedges; they are propagated from seeds or cuttings.

There are six species, distributed in China, Japan, California, and western Florida. The most common species are T. nucífera, T. californica, and T. taxifolia. The seeds of T. nucífera are edible and yield an oil used by the confectionery industry. In the USSR a few species are occasionally cultivated on the Black Sea Shore of the Crimea and the Caucasus.


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The Torreya Guardians, a grassroots conservation group, has introduced torreya to forests in North Carolina, far north of the species' historical range.
NCY2 from Torreya jackii was described by Hu et al.
The torreya is in trouble, however, for reasons that have nothing to do with the evil odor that its needles release.
Allen joined Torreya Partners in 2013 as an advisor in the generic pharmaceutical field after a long career in finance and business development at Sandoz and Teva.
A female gametophyte with a single archegonium; also in Torreya (Coulter & Land, 1905).
When American Forests reported on the status of endangered trees and their champions in 1996, four trees were on the brink: roundleaf birch, Florida torreya, key-tree cactus, and Santa Cruz cypress.
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Geller has been a Principal with Torreya Partners, a life sciences advisory firm.
Torreya State Park, home to the endangered torreya tree, is in this region also.
Torreya Partners LLC acted as financial advisor to Columbia, Kaye Scholer LLP acted as legal advisor to Columbia, and RBC Capital Markets provided a fairness opinion to Columbia's Board of Directors in connection with the transaction.
This 10-year restoration, funded by Southern Company and subsidiary Gulf Power Company, complements longleaf restoration efforts on the nearby Apalachicola National Forest and Torreya State Park, and contributes to the one million-acre conservation corridor that extends from the Georgia border to the Gulf of Mexico.