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a large dog, usually red in colour, which is a cross between a mastiff and a Great Dane: originally developed for dog-fighting; it is not recognized as a breed by kennel clubs outside Japan



a province in feudal Japan, in the southeastern part of the island of Shikoku.

Together with the provinces of Satsuma, Choshu, and Hizen, Tosa formed a coalition of southwestern provinces that opposed the house of Tokugawa in the 1860’s. The Tosa samurai entered into an alliance with bourgeois circles and played an important role in the incomplete bourgeois revolution of 1867–68 (seeMEMRESTORATION). In 1871 the province became part of Kochi Prefecture. In the 1870’s and 1880’s, Tosa provided many of the leaders of the liberal movement for the adoption of a constitution, most notably Itagaki.



a medieval Japanese school of painting that developed the traditions of the yamato-e school. [26—355—4]

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The Tunable TOSA delivers system performance to address mode-hopping for optimized wavelength stability in a variety of DWDM applications.
He said that around 200 people had lost their lives in the surroundings of Tosa Maidan due to heavy artillery shelling conducted by Indian troops in the meadow over the years.
Mirwaiz stated that it had been a long sought-after demand of Hurriyet that all the areas bordering Tosa Maidan should not be only demilitarized and purged of explosive shells, but Army should be told to vacate that area.
The FU-456RDF-9M2 incorporates a newly developed, distributed feedback laser diode (DFB-LD), which enables the TOSA to be operated at a wide temperature range of -20 to 95 degrees Celsius, a wider range than the -5 to 85 degrees Celsius range made available by the company's previous TOSA model, the FU-456RDF-8M2.
In addition, the cost-effective structure and compact size of the transceiver was achieved with non-coaxial 25 Gbit/s connections between the TOSA, ROSA and GearBox IC.
In response to the growing need to install communication equipment in increasingly confined spaces, Mitsubishi Electric's new laser-diode TOSA offers 40km transmission capability in one of the industry's smallest footprints, a combination that is expected to help downsize 100Gbps communication facilities and expand high-speed 100Gbps optical transmission networks.
He said Tosa Maidan has historical significance in Kashmir and should be restored in its previous glory.
Small form factor to easily integrate into an XLMD TOSA
Contract awarded for Suncheon Tosa School Milk Quote guidance announcements small number of meals
ISLAMABAD -- All Parties Hurriyet Conference has reiterated its demand for withdrawal of Indian troops from the entire Indian occupied territory including Tosa Maidan.
Following the TOSA for SFP+ developed earlier, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a SFP+ compliant driver IC for 10Gbps direct modulation LDs.
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