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1. Maths an expression consisting of a single term, such as 5ax
2. consisting of a single algebraic term
3. Biology of, relating to, or denoting a taxonomic name that consists of a single term



the simplest type of algebraic expression considered in elementary algebra. A product consisting of a numerical coefficient and one or several variables, each with some integral positive exponent, is called a monomial. An individual numeral without literal factors is also called a monomial. Examples of monomials are –5ax3, + a3c3xy, –7, + x3 and –a. In these examples, the coefficient +1 is implicit for the monomials +a3c3xy and +x3 and the coefficient –1 is implicit for the monomial –a.

In older algebra textbooks, an algebraic expression in which the last operation in the order of operations is not addition or subtraction is sometimes called a monomial. In this case, for example, the expressions 2(a + b) and x/(y + 1) are called monomials. However, even textbooks that start out by using this definition usually subsequently treat monomials in the narrower sense given above.


A polynomial of degree one.
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U] denotes the average total degree of consolidation of the composite foundation.
Table 3 reports the mean total degree centrality for the three types of individuals (growers, outreach professionals, boundary-spanning professionals) by region.
Condition (i) follows directly from the definition of the monomial order and condition (ii) implies that we take the total degree of one of the factors to be one less than the total degree of the first polynomial that extends the basis.
Even for digraphs of maximum total degree at most 4, the best previous result [32] was a running time of [O.
The effect of total degree on the probability of a node staying into the network had the expected sign, suggesting that the sheer strength of his connections increases a node's probability of survival.
d] of total degree less than sr(a), there is a sequence [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
GAMMA]]([alpha], 1) has total degree [absolute value of [alpha]] - 1 and has the form
He tells patients to take a minimum of four bottles (100 days) to determine the total degree of efficacy.
Total degree centrality measured the number of ties each member had to others in the network.
The total degree of maneuverability for this robot is 2.
total], together with the total degree of crystallinity that was estimated utilizing a value [DELTA][H.

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