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Belgium: see TournaiTournai
, Du. Doornik, commune (1991 pop. 67,732), Hainaut prov., SW Belgium, on the Scheldt River. Tournay and Doornijk are alternate spellings for the commune's French and Dutch names. It is a commercial and industrial center.
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It appears that they had formerly been Saracens, which was why they believed in Jupiter, and claimed ten livres of Tournay from all archbishops, bishops, and mitred abbots with croziers.
A Flandrish hat of beevor, bearing in the band the token of Our Lady of Embrun, was drawn low upon the left side to hide that ear which had been partly shorn from his head by a Flemish man-at-arms in a camp broil before Tournay.
Tournay [10] showed that the contact between rail and wheel has two forms of profile, that is, pointed and comparative according to profile's shape.
It was criticised by Richard and by Cedric Tournay, head of Dailymotion, and reportedly also caused frictions with Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici.
beaucoup moins que]Il possedait une intelligence de jeu superieure a la moyenne[beaucoup plus grand que], avancait Georges Tournay, ancien directeur du centre de formation du RCL, dans France Football.
With the recent acquisition of Tournay Biotechnologies, Nexira has expanded its production capacity for botanical extracts and enriched its portfolio with high quality products such as the flagship brand Exocyan[TM], a cranberry extract standardized in A-type PACs.
As axle loads and travel speeds in the railroad industry are constantly rising and, in the global view, all railroad administration bodies are striving for more effective methods to prevent the wear of the rail head and the wheel, the issue of rolling contact fatigue (RCF) as in the wheel-rail system represents a major concern, see Tournay and Mulder (1996) or Clayton (1996).
In fact, the seemingly emotionless Dexter experiences some rare early sexual passion for lovely but unhinged English abstract painter Lila Tournay (Jaime Murray) during season two.
Focused on the production of natural extracts, TOURNAY Biotechnologies (Stand 116) offers high concentration natural ingredients that are manufactured using natural yet innovative techniques that the company has been developing for many years.
At the end of season two, we saw Miami Police forensics expert Dexter Morgan, played by Hall, getting away with the murder of his ex-lover, all-round nutter Lila Tournay (former Hustle star Jaime Murray).
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