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L'Ouverture, Toussaint:

see Toussaint L'Ouverture, François DominiqueToussaint L'Ouverture, François Dominique
, c.1744–1803, Haitian patriot and martyr. A self-educated slave freed shortly before the uprising in 1791, he joined the black rebellion to liberate the slaves and became its organizational genius.
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Toussaint Louverture International Airport is the busiest in Haiti and recently underwent renovations, which increased the terminal's capacity to about 800,000 passengers per year.
According to early historians like Marcus Rainsford, Toussaint Louverture is imagined to have found his destiny reflected in the following passage of the Histoire: "Where is he, this great man whom nature owes to her vexed, oppressed, and tormented children?
This book offers a detailed examination of American diplomacy with Toussaint Louverture during the administration of John Adams.
Ainsi, dans sa piece Toussaint Louverture (1839/1850), Alphonse de Lamartine met en scene l'effort de depassement de la condition d'esclave et la jouissance d'une liberte acquise de haute lutte en Haiti A travers le combat emancipateur du heros eponyme.
The credit for discovering the typescript from which Toussaint Louverture was edited and published belongs to Christian Hogsbjerg.
Toussaint Louverture convoco a una Asamblea Constitucional el 4 de febrero de 1801.
in his art, for example, the Haitian Revolution comes to life with representations of the Revolution's famed general, Toussaint Louverture.
JetBlue Airways on May 9 announced its intent to serve Port-au-Prince, Haiti with daily nonstop service from between New York City and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood to Toussaint Louverture Intl Airport (PAP) in the Haitian capital, JetBlue plans to offer one daily nonstop flight to New York's JFK and twice daily flights to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl Airport, subject to receipt of government operating authority.
Coffee and sugar made "Saint Domingue" the world's richest colony before Toussaint Louverture launched a guerrilla war to oust the French and gain independence in 1804, making Haiti the world's first black republic.
Kerry with the Toussaint Louverture Award for his steadfast support to the earthquake victims in the U.
Her chapter topics include Francisco de Miranda, Toussaint Louverture, and the pan-Atlantic sphere of liberation, the circulation of cultural capital, positioning South America from HMS Beagle, and migrations in terms of capital, culture, and revolution.