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That is why Planar will (and other vendors should, as well) continue to offer keyboards, touch screens, track balls, touch pads and mice in an ergonomic line of flat panel PCs.
The numerous convenience features include an easy-to-use multi-brand remote control, as well as a track ball remote with the PRO900X, easy scan reversal for a proper image in all mounting configurations, a built-in timer for kiosk and vacation applications, and multilingual set-up menus.
The track ball has advantages over a mouse in that it seldom needs to be cleaned and the space needed for it on the desktop is almost nil.
Laptops come with three basic types of pointing devices: a track ball, a mini-joystick or a touch pad.
The elimination of the track ball also eliminates a possible choking hazard for small children.
This Super Bowl Sunday, OmniSky subscribers can follow the game in progress, track ball placement, and get breaking news as the two best professional football teams battle it out in Tampa, Florida.
3G hard drive, a floppy disk drive, a track ball mouse, and a wireless keyboard.
Bridge is currently engaged in research for product development in fixed wireless infrastructure equipment, power supplies for new technological systems, enclosures and equipment or major data storage customers, hand-held wireless optical track ball applications, and optical pickup devices for DVD players.
Optical mice offer more precise pointing and movement, and because they have no track ball or cavity, they're very easy to keep clean.
Bridge Technology manufactures and markets several wireless components for Optical Track Ball and DVD products.
A track ball mouse on the steering wheel allows the driver to not only access information such as speed, odometer reading and outside temperature, but to also control features such as sound system, heating and ventilation, seats, cell phone or navigation system.