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I see myself as a tradeswoman, a role model and a recruiter at all times.
Tradeswoman Honoree: Rochelle James, NEW Graduate and Electrician, Local Union 3, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
This outbreak rapidly spread to Mbuji Mayi in Eastern Kasai where, as discovered during the outbreak investigation, the first case was in a tradeswoman who had traveled by train to Bukama to buy fish.
In addition, in late 1737 Tomochichi granted all of his property to Mary Musgrove Matthews, a half-Creek, half-English tradeswoman who lived nearby and who had close ties to him and his people in terms of both kinships and trade.
Wherever you meet upon a tradeswoman cheat her thoroughly, (because) you cannot cheat a (male) trader'
Susan Andrade does not consider Adaku a Mammy Wata, a blessed tradeswoman, but nonetheless concedes that "her greater economic security signifies a certain success in the context of Igbo valorization of women as good traders and contrasts sharply with Nnu Ego's poverty" (103).
One of their customers I single mum Linda Palmer, 49, from Camberley, I explained why she would always choose a tradeswoman over a man.
In fact, Des Periers's manipulation of these narrative conventions partakes in serious contemporary debates on rhetoric while also transforming the stock character of the Parisian tradeswoman in some startling ways.
Lisa, aged 30, of Chapelfields, is the only tradeswoman in a team of dedicated workers who repair homes across the city.