Tommaso Traetta

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Traetta, Tommaso


Born Mar. 30, 1727, in Bitonto, near Bari; died Apr. 6, 1779, in Venice. Italian composer.

Traetta was a student of N. Porpora and F. Durante, and his first opera was performed in 1751 in Naples. He worked in various towns in Italy and served as court conductor from 1768 to 1775 in St. Petersburg, where he composed and staged the operas Antigono in 1772, Amore e Psiche in 1773, and Lucio Vero in 1774. Traetta composed many other operas, including one for a libretto by C. Goldoni; he also wrote oratorios and church music.


Nuóvo, A. Tommaso Traetta, grande musicista. Bitonto, 1938.
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It's a marriage made in heaven,'' said John Traetta, president of BodyShaping Inc.
In the half-century between its opening in 1732 and his death in 1782, the Argentina staged at least 15 of his texts, several of them in three or four different musical settings, with composers including Leo, Galuppi, Sarti, Anfossi, Sacchini, Piccini, Traetta and Jommelli himself.
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