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ROAD congestion is "a disease" which has brought average traffic speeds to below 10mph in Britain's busiest cities, a campaign group has claimed.
The Texas Department of Transportation has worked with TTI and used similar real-time measures of traffic speeds to compile data specific to Texas congestion.
Subscribers under the new price category will use the service at a data traffic speed a little slower than the 100 megabits per second that is available under the 9,000 yen ''basic type'' price category.
The six - chosen on the basis of accident history, traffic speed and density - are the B4297 Waterloo Road at Capel Hendre and Penygroes; the A476 Dimpath to Felinfoel road in Llanelli; Russell Terrace, Carmarthen; Parcmaen Street in Carmarthen; the A486 at Pentrecwrt, Trevaughan; and various interconnected locations in Llanelli including Heol Goffa, Corporation Avenue, Heol Daniel, Maestir and Maestref.
Similarly, a partnership with ITIS Holdings Plc enables Journey Dynamics, a provider of traffic intelligence, to incorporate historical floating vehicle data into its traffic model to generate accurate traffic speed forecasting in the UK.
Tenders are invited for Supply and functional installation of laser based traffic speed vidoe system along with all the following accessories -Laser Based Traffic Speed Video System (Full Motion Video & Still) with integrated digital recording system.
According to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, mall sales cause the average traffic speed to slow down to a mere 5 kph on Edsa, where 16 malls are located.
The roads with the worst congestion were taken to be those where traffic speed is measurably slower than free-flowing speed.
The traffic speed has increased as a direct result of both lanes now being free from parked vehicles.
Sensors are located approximately every mile and collect traffic speed information continuously.
Fugro has been carrying out Traffic Speed Structural Surveys (TRASS) and the asset integrity specialist has collected and processed data on pavement strength from slip roads and lane 1 of Englands strategic road network.
City (excluding London) Average traffic speed (mph)