Trans-Amazon Highway

Trans-Amazon Highway,

road, c.3,000 mi (4,830 km) long, traversing N central Brazil. The highway, stretching from the Atlantic coast to the Peruvian border, is an important factor in the economic development of the Amazon region.
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Fostering a baby anteater called Lulu honed Rosolie's conservationist zeal, and when the trans-Amazon highway threatened the land he had grown to love, Santiago's tale of the 'Western Gate', beyond which lay unexplored territory, enticed him even further into the jungle.
The Trans-Amazon Highway was built to provide access, and it carried the desperately poor into the harsh region, where some perished and some prospered.
Stang felt a calling to accompany those at the margins, and as the Trans-Amazon Highway pushed people deeper into the jungle, she went to Altamira in 1982 and presented herself to Erwin Krautler, bishop of the Prelature of the Xingu, one of the world's largest dioceses, and perhaps the most dangerous.
Until 1960, when the Trans-Amazon Highway was built, getting to the rain forest was difficult.
Public health hazards among workers along the Trans-Amazon Highway.
It was the Movement for the Development of the Transamazon and the Xingu (MDTX), a network of over 100 small grassroots groups comprised of farmers and colonists based along the Trans-Amazon Highway.
The country did, after all, build the Trans-Amazon Highway about four decades ago to connect the Brazilian western frontier to the Atlantic, opening the possibility of an Atlantic-Pacific corridor.
The World Bank came in for a great deal of criticism in the 1980s for helping to finance the Trans-Amazon Highway in Brazil (the so-called Highway BR-364) because it encouraged deforestation by acting as a hotline for landless peasants to colonise the forest frontier and clear trees for agriculture.
Located in southern Pardi at the intersection of a trunk road of the Belem-Brasilia with the Trans-Amazon highways, Maraba is also intersected by both the train that runs from the mineral-rich Carajas hills to the port of Sao Luis and the Tocantins River, which is navigable all the way to Belem.

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