Trans-Siberian Railroad

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Trans-Siberian Railroad,

rail line, linking European Russia with the Pacific coast. Its construction began in 1891, on the initiative of Count S. Y. WitteWitte, Count Sergei Yulyevich
, 1849–1915, Russian premier. A railway administrator, he became minister of communications (1892) and minister of finance (1892–1903).
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, and was completed in 1905. The completion of the railroad greatly affected the history of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and modern Russia by opening up SiberiaSiberia
, Rus. Sibir, vast geographical region of Russia, covering c.2,900,000 sq mi (7,511,000 sq km) and having an estimated population (1992) of 32,459,000. Historically it has had no official standing as a political or territorial division, but it was generally
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 to development.

The original line began at Chelyabinsk and ran generally east through Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, and Chita; it traversed Manchuria and reentered Russian territory before ending at Vladivostok. The Manchurian section of the line is known as the Chinese Eastern RR. The present Trans-Siberian RR branches off from the original line at Chita to follow, roughly, the Amur and Ussuri rivers and reaches Vladivostok by way of Khabarovsk; it lies entirely in Russian territory. The Moscow-Vladivostok run is 5,785 mi (9,310 km); the electrification of the entire line was only completed in 2002. The line carries both freight and passengers.

The Trans-Siberian RR now has several branch lines, notably the line connecting Omsk with Yekaterinburg. A branch to Ust-Kut connects with the Baykal-Amur MainlineBaykal-Amur Mainline
(BAM), railroad line linking central Siberian Russia with the Pacific. The BAM parallels the Trans-Siberian RR but passes north rather than south of Lake Baykal. It is 1,928 mi (3,102 km) long, with 1,987 bridges.
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 (BAM). The railroad is also linked with the Turkistan-Siberia RRTurkistan-Siberia Railroad,
abbreviated as Turk-Sib,
important railroad in Central Asia, providing the shortest link between Siberia and Central Asia. Completed in 1931, it runs from the Trans-Siberian RR at Novosibirsk SW to the Trans-Caspian RR, which it joins N of
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During their heroic exodus along the Trans-Siberian railroad, the Legion captured many from the Red Guards, while others were supplied by their Japanese "allies" when the legionnaires reached eastern Siberia.
Scenario 2: two sets of train cars on the Trans-Siberian Railroad (2 X 68 tons X 70 cars = 9,520 tons) capacity of coal carrier: 19,040 tons
Also on the table is the proposal to extend the trans-Siberian railroad to South Korea.
In 1922, they took a leg of the Trans-Siberian railroad to Harbin, Manchuria.
They show, against a canvas of rising opposition to the tsarist regime, that the effort to annex portions of Manchuria was linked to the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railroad and plans to unite the empire by rail.
The app was inspired by a trip Mahfouda, 27, took on the Trans-Siberian Railroad a few years ago.
Described as "The world's longest continuous rail line and one of its greatest train journeys," in the best-seller, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, the Trans-Siberian Railroad is an experience that many people only dream about.
18) While the project has been effectively stalled by the North Koreans, the vision of a rail line connecting the Trans-Siberian Railroad (TSR) to South Korean markets and the Asian transshipment hub of Pusan has inspired Moscow to engage Pyongyang aggressively on the issue.
New Territories, 2005, consists of a fictional carte-de-visite for Ondak, with a fake address, as well as photographs, images from the Trans-Siberian railroad, and the printed sentence, 100 VISITING CARDS BEARING ONDAK'S FICTITIOUS ADDRESS WERE DISTRIBUTED TO LOCAL PEOPLE WHO BOARDED THE TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILROAD ON ITS WAY FROM MOSCOW TO BEIJING BETWEEN 12-19 September 2005.
Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) (TYO: 7261), a Japan-based automaker, is shipping vehicles within Russia through the Trans-Siberian Railroad.
For them, the Trans-Siberian Railroad begins, rather than ends, in Vladivostok.
Russian Sideshow concerns itself with the military operations of the United States Army and Navy in both theaters of war: the Archangel to Murmansk front where the Army Expeditionary Force North Russia (AEFNR) became involved in combat operations, and the Siberian front that encompassed Northern China and Siberia from Vladivostok to the Ural mountains where the Army Expeditionary Force Siberia (AEFS) tried to protect the Trans-Siberian Railroad and the infamous "Czech Legion.