Transaction Processing Facility

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Transaction Processing Facility

(operating system)
(TPF) A real-time mainframe operating system released by IBM around 1976. TPF is particularly suited to organisations dealing in very high I/O message switching and large global networks. Current users include British Airways (reservations), VISA International (authorisations), Holiday Inn, and Quantas.

TPF was traditionally a 370/Assembler environment although the latest, release 4.1, contains C. Formerly known as ACP (Airline Control Program), it was renamed "TPF" to suggests its greater scope.

It is common for TPF sites to use IBM's MVS and VM operating systems for off-line processing.
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The kinds of eligible operating system environments are Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS), Virtual Machine (VM), Virtual Storage Extended (VSE), Advanced Interactive Executive (AIX(A)), Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) and Distributed Processing Program Executive (DPPX).
As part of a multi-year project to provide standardized access to its Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) systems, Sabre has conducted a thorough examination of available integration solutions.
Amadeus will incorporate the existing expertise of the British Airways transaction processing facility (TPF) team, who, as a key part of Amadeus, will help develop the next generation of IT travel related applications.
Tuesday made public the results of benchmark testing that demonstrated the industry-leading performance of its Millennium(tm) Global Servers in a System/390 Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) environment.
EFS Australia") has successfully launched its Australian on-line transaction processing facility in association with Westpac Banking Corporation of Australia and Pure-Commerce Pty.
Engineers from both organizations jointly tested Cisco 7500 series routers and Channel Interface Processor (CIP) cards for TCP/IP access to mainframes running the Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) operating system.
20, 1997--The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) today announced that IBM's Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) organization, Poughkeepsie, NY, has received ITAA*2000 certification.

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