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Traffic characteristics defined in the OHAP: Central Transdanubia Region.
Study of the smaller Foraminifera of the Weimpuszta Middle Eocene Key Section at Nagyesztergar (Bakony Mountains, Transdanubia, Hungary).
Then after winter set in, the Mongol forces crossed the ice of the frozen Danube with ease and then the whole of Transdanubia, and the land west of the Danube was at their mercy.
The most disadvantageous example is that of Western Transdanubia, where only less than one-third of the companies have paid for such services.
The antisemites tend to live in the country's eastern region or in central parts of the Great Plain, while non-antisemites are more likely to come from the northeast or from the southern part of Transdanubia.
2004): The 6th Millennium BC boundary in Western Transdanubia and its role in the Central European transition.
In this paper we try to adapt the models of universities' regional engagement in the case of a peripheral border region in Central and Eastern Europe, the South Transdanubia Region in Hungary.
To the west of the river is Transdanubia, and immediately to its east is the Great Plain.
This possibility was triggered by the South Transdanubia Operational Programme, whose overall aim (by 2020) is to develop the region to the level of other more developed regions.
the Northwest and Northeast region in the Czech Republic or the Hungarian regions Southern Transdanubia and Southern Great Plain).
The flood protection efforts are concentrated in four areas: North Hungarian rivers, Central Hungarian Great Plain, Valley of the Kapos river, and the Bakony Mountains in Transdanubia.
present findings from an environmental archaeology investigation of Transdanubia.
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