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see Trans-Dniester RegionTrans-Dniester Region
or Transnistria,
region (2004 preliminary pop. 555,000), E Moldova, between the Dniester River and the Ukrainian border. A narrow territory some 120 mi (195 km) long but barely 20 mi (32 km) across at its widest, the Trans-Dniester Region has a
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Putin told Obama the problems surrounding the breakaway Moldovan region should be solved not by force but by talks in the "5+2" format of Moldova, Transdniestr, the OSCE, Russia and Ukraine, with the EU and US as observers.
The "accident" occurred on Wednesday in the country's breakaway Transdniestr region.
On an unscheduled visit to the self-declared Republic of Transdniestr, in the former Soviet Union, the Scotrail worker fell for his interpreter.
El ejemplo moldavo ilustra de manera fehaciente, sin embargo, como en un pais donde los problemas de cariz etnico, y entre ellos los vinculados con las tendencias secesionistas en la republica del Transdniestr y con una eventual integracion en Rumania, son significativos, no por ello han proliferado los partidos de discurso exclusiva o fundamentalmente etnico.
A former Soviet state with a restive Russian-speaking minority in its Transdniestr region, Moldova has expressed fears that developments in neighbouring Ukraine could set an example for its own separatists in the wake of Russia's annexation of the Crimean peninsula.
Ombudsman advised Moldova's Parliamentary Advocate to speak of the frozen conflict in Moldova (the matter concerns the Transdniestr
Transdniestr, in eastern Moldova, fought a brief independence war after the Soviet Union's collapse but is not internationally recognised.
But they will only add to fears of Russian revanchism in Moldova, especially after reports earlier this week that politicians in Transdniestr -- who have their own self-appointed assembly -- had asked Russia to absorb their region along with Crimea.