Transfer Case

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transfer case

[′tranz·fər ‚kās]
(mechanical engineering)
In a vehicle with more than one driving axle, a housing fitted with gears that distribute the driving power among the axles.

Transfer Case


a mechanism for transferring torque between the driving axles of multiple-axle vehicles. It is located in the transmission, behind the gearbox.

In the USSR, trucks with good off-road capabilities are equipped with a transfer case featuring a two-stage reduction gear. This makes it possible to raise the gear ratio of the transmission and double the total number of transmission speeds. On some vehicles, such as the KrAZ-255B and the KamAZ-4310, the transfer case is connected to a differential connecting the driving axles. This makes it possible for the middle and rear driving axles to rotate at different speeds when the vehicle is traveling over an uneven surface.

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Now take a look at the transfer case housing for Toyota's Rod Millen-designed 4WD Toyota Tacoma Unlimited Class Hillclimb Vehicle.
The Model TC-180 Transfer Case is for on/off highway all wheel drive vehicles, with a variety of end uses, including military, electrical utility, municipal, construction, mining, logging, and oil field applications.
transfer cases for the recently launched Foton Motor's Sauvana SUV.
That particular fire melted the engine's fuel return line and damaged all the air, fuel and electrical lines in the transfer case area forward of the fuel tank.
com)-- Rukse (Rook-see), an innovator and manufacturer of automotive additives, aftermarket parts, and high performance coatings, introduces their transfer case drop kit for the Jeep Wrangler model 2003-2006.
The key was to get all the capabilities without a two-speed transfer case.
LANNACH, Austria, October 7 /PRNewswire/ -- MAGNA Drivetrain announces the successful start of serial production of the Integrated Transfer Case (ITC) for the new Land Rover Discovery III (L319).
Via a no-bake mold, D8 cast a A356 aluminum transfer case component for the vehicle.
The precision required of transfer case parts is uncompromising.
Freewheel hubs significantly reduce drivetrain parasitic losses in on-highway conditions by stopping internal axle and transfer case components from spinning.
Great Wall recently presented BorgWarner with a second consecutive Innovation and Quality Award for its transfer case technology.