Transmission Factor

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transmission factor

[tranz′mish·ən ‚fak·tər]
The ratio of the flux of some quantity transmitted through a body to the incident flux.

Transmission Factor


The transmission factor of a medium τ is the ratio of the radiation flux Φ passing through the medium to the flux Φ0 incident upon the surface of the medium: τ = Φ/Φ0. The concept of a transmission factor is used most frequently with regard to luminous fluxes. The value of the transmission factor of a body depends on the dimensions, shape, and surface condition of the body, as well as on the angle of incidence, spectral composition, and polarization of the incident radiation (seePOLARIZATION OF LIGHT). A distinction is made between transmission factors for direct transmission, in which the medium does not scatter the radiation passing through it; for diffuse transmission, in which the medium diffuses all radiation penetrating it; and for mixed transmission, in which there is partial diffusion. The value of the transmission factor for radiation of only one wavelength (monochromatic light) is called the monochromatic transmission factor. This coefficient is found from measurements of the illumination and the luminance. The determination of the transmission factor is a photometric measurement.


When radiant flux is incident on a medium, the ratio of the flux which emerges from the medium to the flux which is incident upon it.
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The atmospheric transmission factor at a ground station at time, t, is deduced from the radiation measured at that ground station and cloud cover index of that area obtained from the satellite images of that area for that time.
Table 5 shows transmission factors for similar configurations, except here the surface reflectance is 0.
Transmission factors that have been associated with outbreaks of CA-MRSA include crowding, frequent skin-to-skin contact, compromised skin, contaminated surfaces, shared items, uncleanliness, and antimicrobial use.
Predicting key malaria transmission factors, biting and entomological inoculation rates, using modelled soil moisture in Kenya.

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