Transverse Compensation

Transverse Compensation


a connection, in parallel, of compensating devices to a power system. The compensation alters the reactive parameters of AC transmission lines, as well as the reactive power consumed in the system. In very long electric power transmission lines, transverse compensation is achieved by the use of electric reactors. The reactors are installed in switching and other types of substations, where they absorb the reactive power caused by the distributed capacitance of power transmission lines. Reactors connected to a system also regulate voltage variation along the line. Thus, the power capability of the line is increased, internal overvoltages are prevented, and operation of the line under special schedules, such as no-load operation, synchronization, and automatic reclosure of switches, is made possible.

Transverse compensation in electric distribution circuits is achieved with the aid of batteries of capacitors, synchronous compensators, and synchronous electric motors. The use of these devices provides the required magnitude of voltage and reduces the losses of electric power in the distribution circuit. Synchronous compensators are most frequently installed in the substations of district power distribution circuits; batteries of capacitors are usually placed at customer substations and at load-center substations on the customer’s premises.

Prospects for the future include the use of regulated static devices for transverse compensation. Such devices will make it possible to adjust the generation and consumption of reactive power without interruption and practically without inertia. The devices can be constructed as electron tube controls with artificial switching or as magnetized reactors. They improve the operation of electric power systems during abrupt load swings and increase the capability of power transmission lines.


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