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An earlier backup tape technology from Imation Corporation, Oakdale, MN ( Travan drives evolved from QIC tapes and were mostly compatible with QIC cartridges. However, Travan used .315" wide tape rather than quarter inch (the QI in QIC), as well as different tape guides and enhanced magnetic media. For server backup, the Travan Network Series (NS) provided hardware compression and read-while-write features. See QIC and magnetic tape.


  TR-1               400MB
  TR-2               800MB**
  TR-3               1.6GB

  HP 5GB (TR-4 with
      less tape)     2.5GB

  Travan 8GB (TR-4)    4GB
  Travan NS 8          4GB

  Travan 20GB (TR-5)  10GB
  Travan NS 20        10GB
  Travan 40GB         20GB

 ** Never popular

Travan Cartridge
Travan evolved from the QIC family of backup tapes. Travan drives were compatible with most QIC, QIC Wide and QIC-EX cartridges.

QIC-EX Extends Travan Capacities
QIC-EX cartridges from Verbatim extended the cartridge housing to include more tape. Many Travan drives supported QIC-EX cartridges.
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They do have USB ports and our positive experience with Seagate products over the years led us to the USB-compatible Travan drive, which has become our de facto standard for these types of machines.
Like all Seagate Travan solutions, Seagate's Hornet Travan 40 tape drives provide a competitive edge by allowing users to protect their entire system and vital information reliably on a single data cartridge.
It was while Travis and Travan were visiting a dying uncle who was receiving what they viewed as inadequate care in the intensive-care unit that, on the spot, they made a pact to become doctors.
Seagate will continue to offer its 20GB SCSI Travan Network Series drives which offer enhanced features like hardware data compression and read-while-write data verification for servers, as well as its 20GB ATAPI interface drives for workstations.
Although the initial cost of a Travan drive may be higher than a CD-RW drive, for example, the cost of the media is comparable (one 20GB Travan data cartridge has approximately the same amount of storage as 29 to 31 recordable CDs).
To date, Imation, Seagate, StorageTek, and Tandberg Data have all licensed VR2 technology for incorporation into their own linear products; Imation and Seagate for their Travan products, Tandberg with its SLR line, and StorageTek with its high-performance 9840 product.
The present technologies for this market include Travan drives for the small business market, low-end DAT/DDS drives for Workstations, and Onstream's ADR, whose software handles video playback.
Travan, a mini-cartridge technology, offers TR-5 and the NS (Network Server) series.
Travan 5 drives are offered by Tecruar, Hewlett-Packard, and others, and are backward compatible with tapes written using earlier Travan versions.
The company's Travan, SLR, and DLT information storage solutions bundled with Computer Associate's ARCserveIT Workgroup Edition for Windows NT and Single Server for NetWare are intended for small and medium size companies.