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(naval architecture)
A ship designed for catching fish with a trawl.



a commercial fishing vessel designed for catching fish and other marine life with a trawl and for the primary processing of the catch.

Until the mid–20th century, trawlers were built with one deck, and the trawl was lowered and hauled up from the side. Such ships were called side trawlers. Most trawlers built since the 1960’s have two decks, and the mechanisms for lowering, raising, and towing the trawl are installed at the stern; the ships are called stern trawlers. Trawlers are equipped with trawl winches; up to 4,000 m of trawl line wound around the drums of the winches makes it possible to fish at depths of up to 2 km; the power of the winch engines may reach 450 kilowatts (kW). The trawl is raised onto the ship’s stern slipway, or ramp. The processing equipment of a trawler includes machines and mechanized lines for gutting and cleaning the fish, sometimes for canning, and for the production of fish meal and oil from the wastes. The holds have refrigerators for freezing the fish and for preserving the products. Most present-day trawlers have fish-finding equipment and instruments for controlling the trawl, which makes it possible to direct the movement of the trawl in the water and to guide it toward concentrations of fish.

The largest trawlers are built (1976) in the USSR and Japan. They are 100–110 m long, with a displacement of 7,000–8,000 tons; their main engines have a power of 4.5 MW, giving them a cruising speed of more than 25 km/hr. Seiner-trawlers, which have become widespread, can catch fish both with a trawl and with a purse seine.


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Professor Hilborn's research found that large factory trawlers are sustainable for a number of reasons they are fuel efficient, they produce food at a low carbon footprint, the fish are a higher quality as they are frozen immediately and multiple observers mean by-catch is reliably measured.
The investigative committee said it is likely that the trawler hit "an object" floating in the sea.
The Dalniy Vostok trawler sank in the Sea of Okhotsk shortly before midnight on Wednesday, around 300 kilometers, or 186 miles, from the Russian port city of Magadan.
Water flooded the engine compartment and the trawler then sank within 15 minutes, a local branch of the Russian Emergencies Ministry said.
The bodies of 54 dead passengers and crew members were lifted on board passing ships at the site of the trawler accident along with 63 survivors," Russian Sputnik news agency quoted a representative of the Kamchatka division of the Russian emergencies ministry as saying.
At the height of the season, the thriving community welcomes more than 80 visiting trawlers and 20 local boats, every October to May.
A spokesman for the RNLI station at Holyhead said volunteers boarded the vessel to pump out the excess water and escorted the 60-tonne trawler back to Holyhead marina by 1.
The trawler has been working in the Bering Sea since July.
In an operation lasting several hours the stricken trawler was refloated and towed to a yard on the Tyne.
It is ironic that there are all kinds of rules and regulations about using mobile phones on planes and hospitals because of the risk of interference but a trawler can have equipment that can easily jam a town's airwaves with a flick of a switch.
At 4:30 am on Thursday, approximately 17 nautical miles west of Goan coast, a fishing trawler was suddenly hit by a 'huge ship'.
She's not just one of the last steam driven trawlers, she's one of the last complete surviving trawlers of her type and age left in the world.