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Turkey: see TrabzonTrabzon
or Trebizond
, city (1990 pop. 144,805), capital of Trabzon prov., NE Turkey, a port on the Black Sea. A commercial and transportation center with renovated port facilities, it exports food products and tobacco. Iron, lead, and copper are found nearby.
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, Trebizond
a port in NE Turkey, on the Black Sea: founded as a Greek colony in the 8th century bc at the terminus of an important trade route from central Europe to Asia. Pop.: 246 000 (2005 est.)
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From Trebizond he went overland, often by mule, to Tabriz, Tehran, and Shiraz where he made prolonged contact with the Babis whose movement became a life-long interest.
She also dedicates some pages to alternative centres (mainly Nicaea, Trebizond, Thessaloniki, Mystra and Athos), thereby very briefly referring to post-1204 Byzantium, during which time, she believes, the regional regimes of the eastern Mediterranean world continued to look to Constantinople for models of governance and ceremonial.
Perched in the Pontic Alps, the mist-wrapped Sumela was the most important monastery in the Trebizond Empire, conquered by the Ottomans in 1461.
30) In addition to pagan philosophical and scientific works by Aristotle and Ptolemy, (31) Trebizond translated several important patristic texts that Hubmaier read, including Cyril of Alexandria's Commentary on John, John Chrysostom's Homilies on Matthew, works by Athanasius and works by Basil of Caesarea, notably his important Contra Eunomium (32) As was common, Trebizond produced most of his translations though access to Bessarion's celebrated library of some 800 Greek manuscripts.
Turkey Mission (1826), with missionaries in Smyrna [Izmir] (1826), Constantinople [Istanbul] (1831), Broosa [Bursa] (1834), Scio [Chios] (1834-37), and Trebizond [Trabzon] (1835)
These are demonstrated not only in the "mini-empires" of Nicea, Epiros, and Trebizond, but in a portrait of Mistras, the hilltop fortress above Sparta, and its Platonist philosopher Gemistos Plethon.
His earlier discussion of stylistic traditions draws upon recent scholarship in articles and chapters, while his later summary is drawn almost entirely from John Monfasani (George of Trebizond, 1976; Collectanea Trapezuntiana, 1984).
Set in Aragon (Christian land lost to Muslims) in the year 1461 (the year that the last city of the Byzantine Empire, Trebizond, fell to Turks) the play reminds us that the borders of Christendom are in fact constricting, thereby reducing the percentage of the world's surface that is safe from spiritual corruption.
The remaining articles focus on aspects of Petrarch, Poliziano, Manuzio, Gaza, George of Trebizond, and Marcello Adriani.
On either side of the arch three crowns are placed, standing for Mehmet's three kingdoms: Asia, Trebizond, and Greece--a reminder of how differently the fifteenth century saw the world and the relative importance of its geographical divisions.
As Soviet forces withdrew from the provinces of Van, Erzurum, Bitlis and Trebizond, the Turks moved in and the Armenians fled.
28 The Byzantine offshoot "empire" of Trebizond was a small late-medieval kingdom on the shores of which sea?