a settlement in Yugoslavia, in the Socialist Autonomous Region of Kosovo of the Socialist Republic of Serbia, on the southern slope of the Kopaonik Range. Enterprises in Trepča and in the nearby village of Zvečan form Yugoslavia’s largest lead and zinc combine, which includes mines, ore-enrichment plants, lead and zinc smelting plants, and a steam power plant.

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When asked for a comment on problems surrounding the ownership of the Brezovica ski center, Vucic mentioned the problem of Trepca, and a special law that Pristina, without consulting Belgrade, passed to take over the mining complex.
0 unless stated) Champions League 1st qualifying rd 1st leg - FCI Tallinn v Hibernians, Trepca 89 v Vikingur, Europa FC v TNS (6.
The Big Two giants will face either Alashkert of Armenia, La Fiorita (San Marino), Europa FC (Gilbralta), FCI Tallinn (Estonia) or Kosovan club KF Trepca over two legs on June 27/28 and July 4/5.
Disposant d'importantes ressources minieres--des gisements de lignite avant tout, avec des reserves de 10 a 15 milliards de tonnes (placant le pays le troisieme en Europe)--des minerais rares--comme 5 millions de tonnes de plomb et zinc dans les sites de Trepca et Mitrovica au Nord du pays--et d'autres minerais peu courants--comme l'indium, le germanium, etc.
Exception is VV, which has different approaches to some economic themes, privatization, (against the privatization of some enterprises important for the country, such as Trepca, Post Office, Airport and KEK), foreign policy or international presence in Kosovo.
The English court does not concede jurisdiction in personam to a foreign court merely because the English court would, in corresponding circumstances, have power to order service out of the jurisdiction: In re Trepca Mines Ltd.
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The Trepca mining complex is a conglomerate of some 40 mines and factories, mostly but not all in Kosovo.
D]) is in interest to assess the cooling system by evaporation in Trepca shaft furnace.
Continuous increase of subsidies for public utilities (in particular KEK, Trepca, etc.
To recall, it was between 20 and 28 February 1988 that a general strike took place at the Trepca mines.
Occasionally this poses a political problem, as it did for the Trepca mine article in the July-August 2007 issue.