Triborough Bridge

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Triborough Bridge,

New York City: see Robert F. Kennedy BridgeRobert F. Kennedy Bridge,
New York City, connecting the boroughs of Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens. Completed in 1936 and originally named the Triborough Bridge, it comprises three separate sections—a suspension bridge crossing the East River, a lift bridge spanning the
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New York: Fitch Ratings has assigned an 'AA-' rating to the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, NY's (TBTA) approximately $500 million in senior general revenue refunding bonds, series 2017C.
In light of recent terrorist attacks and out of an abundance of caution, the Governor is deploying special operations teams from the New York State Police and National Guard to work with the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority Police, MTA Police Department, Port Authority Police Department and New York City Police Department in this coordinated effort.
While the autopsy on Garbellotto was inconclusive, the family is set to file a suit in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday, asking a judge to order the city, hospitals and Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority to preserve evidence that may be linked to the case.
In New York, police used pepper spray to control the crowd after protesters tried to block the Lincoln Tunnel and Triborough Bridge and marched to Times Square.
So when I got pregnant, I decided to kill myself by jumping off the Triborough Bridge.
My grandfather was a very wealthy man, but he would go across the Queensboro Bridge to save the 25 cents on the Triborough Bridge," Eisner once confessed.
Through his association with legendary Governor Al Smith, his willingness to bargain with the rich, his mastery in handling the New York press, his unparalleled ability to hide sweeping change in seemingly innocuous legislation, his control of numerous quasi-public posts (the Triborough Bridge Authority being the center of his domain), and his ruthless drive to never let the perfect be the enemy of the good, he was able essentially to create an island all his own, protected from the whims of elected politicians and voters.
Kennedy Bridge, or the Triborough Bridge, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, and for the Queens Midtown and Brooklyn Battery Tunnels.
In various roles and from his main power base at the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, he led the creation of public works that shaped New York City and environs--13 bridges, 637 miles of highways, 658 playgrounds, 17 state parks.
The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority--that was the key source of Moses' funds.
Both were built together by controversial city planner Robert Moses' Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority as part of the Columbus Circle urban redevelopment project.
I was impressed and in awe of the whole experience--going to the city in his black Volkswagen Beetle, on the Grand Central Parkway, over the Triborough Bridge, down 125th Street, and adjacent to the Apollo Theater.