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city, India: see TiruchirapalliTiruchirapalli
, formerly Trichinopoly
, city (1991 pop. 711,862), Tamil Nadu state, SE India, on the Kaveri River. It is a district administrative center and an important educational, religious, and commercial city, with locomotive construction workshops and heavy
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, Trichinopoly
an industrial city in S India, in central Tamil Nadu on the Cauvery River: dominated by a rock fortress 83 m (273 ft.) high. Pop.: 746 062 (2001)
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The old saltpeter grounds of southern India were reopened in the districts of Salem, Coimbatore, Madurai, and Trichinopoly, as well as around Vellore, and in Kistna District, while production in northern India expanded northward.
From 1944 he was posted to India where he spent time at Poonah, Trichinopoly and Karachi, returning home in 1946.
Even so, the realm of object-signs that Holmes continually decodes (a lump of English mud but also an American secret code, an Andamanese poisoned thorn, a wooden leg substituting for the human one taken off by an Indian crocodile, Indian treasure, an Indian snake, the ash from a Trichinopoly cigar) are historiographic imprints of pax Britannica, not indices of chance or of the dissociated idiosyncracies of an individual (crime).
In 1751 an Indian ally of the French East India Company, Chanda Sahib, besieged a British ally, Muhammad Ali, in Trichinopoly.
The crowded calendar of events in one leading textbook on the period (Geoffrey Holmes and Daniel Szechi's Age of Oligarchy) can find only four noteworthy happenings in that year: the battle of Trichinopoly (India); the death of Sir William Cheselden (a surgeon); the end of `another somnolent parliamentary session'; and the subject of this article, the reform of the calendar of September 1752, with its attendant riots.