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The essays in Part I of the volume, 'Transitions to Tripartition,' explore the moral psychological views expressed in dialogues that are considered prior to, or roughly contemporaneous with, the Republic (where the tripartite theory is first introduced), and they address ways in which those views anticipate, motivate, or relate to tripartite psychology.
2004), La question de la tripartition des categories de droit divin dans l'Antiquite romaine, Saint-Etienne, 8 : << En outre, dans le debat des antiquaires, sanctus n'est pas tout a fait homologue a sacer et a religiosus.
the educators Achille Meissas and Jean Charles Auguste Michelot persistently privileged the geographical tripartition of Oceanie into Malaisie ou Notasie ('Malaysia or Notasia'), Australie (including New Zealand), and Polynesie.
What this position defends is in fact nothing else than one of the three functions of life proposed by the traditional, Platonic tripartition of the soul into the rational, the sensible, and the vegetative.
Let us now relate the above considerations to Jakobson's analysis of translation (see Jakobson 1971) in the light of Peirce's tripartition of signs into symbols, indices and icons.
Perhaps the tripartition of Mrahris is a fiction, as well, since only one generation later, all parts of Mrahris are again in the hand of a single branch, the two sons of the youngest (or middle) son: Srorre (Yeses Hod) and Hkhorre.
I am well aware of the fact that not all syntactically transitive verbs are more dynamic than intransitive verbs, and that the tripartition "transitive" vs.
The structure of the volume follows the tripartition of the title, with the first and third parts, 'Image' and Art', being the most cogent and interesting in terms of pertinence and originality of the contributions.
The classic Germanic lithostratigraphic tripartition characterizes, according Robles and Pujalte (2004), the Triassic succession in the Cantabrian Mountains.
Voir la fameuse tripartition courante de la societe coloniale saint-dominguoise en trois classes-races : << la classe des Blancs, la classe des Affranchis et la classe des esclaves (Midy 1993).
The historical structure of Lao society basically was the tripartition into elite, townspeople, and peasants.
Thomas's treatment of the causality of sin by the Devil, briefly discussed above, is part of a tripartition of the possible external causes of human sin, namely God (who is in no way a cause of sin), the Devil, and man.