Triple Alliance

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Triple Alliance,

in European history, any of several coalitions. 1 The Triple Alliance of 1668 was formed by the Netherlands, England, and Sweden against France after Louis XIV had invaded the Spanish Netherlands in the War of DevolutionDevolution, War of,
1667–68, undertaken by Louis XIV for the conquest of the Spanish Netherlands. On her marriage to Louis, Marie Thérèse, daughter of Philip IV of Spain, had renounced her rights of inheritance in return for a large dowry.
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. Largely because of the initiative of the Dutch statesman Jan de Witt, the alliance represented a sufficient threat to Louis XIV to induce him to negotiate the Treaty of Aix-la-ChapelleAix-la-Chapelle, Treaty of
. 1 Compact of May 2, 1668, that ended the French invasion of the Spanish Netherlands (see Devolution, War of). France kept most of its conquests in Flanders; Cambrai, Aire, Saint-Omer, and the province of Franche-Comté were returned to
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. 2 The Triple Alliance of 1717 was a treaty signed by Great Britain, France, and the Netherlands. Designed to strengthen the terms of the Peace of Utrecht, it was joined in 1718 by the Holy Roman emperor and became the Quadruple AllianceQuadruple Alliance,
any of several European alliances. The Quadruple Alliance of 1718 was formed by Great Britain, France, the Holy Roman emperor, and the Netherlands when Philip V of Spain, guided by Cardinal Alberoni, sought by force to nullify the peace settlements reached
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. 3 For the Triple Alliance of 1872, see Three Emperors' LeagueThree Emperors' League,
informal alliance among Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia, announced officially in 1872 on the occasion of the meeting of emperors Francis Joseph, William I, and Alexander II.
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. 4 For that of 1882, see Triple Alliance and Triple EntenteTriple Alliance and Triple Entente
, two international combinations of states that dominated the diplomatic history of Western Europe from 1882 until they came into armed conflict in World War I.
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Whigham presents the definitive work on the Paraguayan War (1864-1870), also known as the War of the Triple Alliance, which forever changed politics in South America.
1) Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy forged the Triple Alliance in May 1882.
Although signing a trade agreement, whose negotiations started as early as the spring of 1876, or the Romanian diplomatic agency advancement to the rank of legation (December 5th, 1879) encountered problems mainly due to the need to comply with Article 44 of the Treaty of Berlin, which involved the review of Article 7 of the Constitution, which was supported by the Hebrew community in Italy, which due to censitary suffrage had a tenth of the seats in the Chamber of Deputies and could have decisively influenced the fate of the governments of Italy, though the two countries had common interests, especially after both became States of the Triple Alliance (HDAFMB, file no.
Chesterton makes a stimulating and convincing case that, in addition to fighting for land and natural resources, the rural Paraguayan Guarani speaker who served as a soldier in the Chaco War was also struggling "to the redeem the honor of the nation--and Solano Lopez--after the insulting defeat of the War of the Triple Alliance, while simultaneously proclaiming his proud Guarani-speaking heritage" (p.
Although no formal treaty bound Great Britain to the members of the Dual Alliance, Great Britain, France, and Russia generally acted as a group in diplomatic affairs, standing together in what became known as the Triple Entente, as a counterbalance to the Triple Alliance.
Dubai:A triple alliance between developers will see launch of a new project in Dubai in September.
By 1914 Europe was divided into two blocs: the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy on the one hand and the Triple Entente of France, Russia and Britain on the other.
The Triple Alliance was essentially meaningless because
The Allies won and the Triple Alliance lost - that is the facts, it is not Germanophobia/teutophobia.
On the one hand, its narrative follows a well-trodden path as it tells the traditional story of the formation of the major alliances such as the Triple Alliance and the Entente Cordiale, major political crises from the War in Sight Crisis to the Moroccan Crises and, finally, the many localised wars that have been considered relevant to the Great War.
Since Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay provisionally suspended Paraguay from the Southern Cone Common Market (MERCOSUR) and all South American countries did the same in the Union de Naciones Suramericanas (UNASUR), Franco has said that Paraguay is a victim of "the new Triple Alliance.
Forty-two years later Syria continues to be the whipping boy of the unholy triple alliance of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.