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A cereal derived from crossing wheat and rye and then doubling the number of chromosomes in the hybrid.



a plant hybrid obtained by crossbreeding wheat (Triticum)—the maternal plant—with rye (Secale)—the paternal plant. The plants are amphidiploids and include two types: 56-chromosome and 42-chromosome. The large grain of winter triticales is winter-hardy and richer in protein than wheat grain. Winter triticales are important in the selective breeding of winter wheat in Siberia. The crossbreeding of heterochromosomal amphidiploids is promising for obtaining new highly productive forms.

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Sowing and agricultural applications: Triticale was sown on October 20, 2009.
1] application rate of Cu-DH-E, which produced a triticale grain yield that was significantly higher than the control (P< 0.
This work was established to furnish knowledge and to have some understanding about some basic factors and important tools such as the use of different sowing dates and rates of fertilizer (N, P and K) to determine the optimum sowing date and proper NPK rates to obtain the highest growth and NPK concentrations of triticale under the experimental site conditions.
Triticale displays the high yield and good grain quality of wheat with the better abiotic stress tolerance of rye, including disease resistance (Varughese et al.
Triticale is an artificial species that originated 130 years ago from a cross between wheat and rye, with the first cultivars useful for breeders available in the 1960s (Mergoum et al.
Gluten, a substance found in wheot, barley, rye, and triticale, is linked with several gastrointestinal conditions.
The main structural characteristics of the barley and triticale residues were investigated by simultaneous thermogravimetric and differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA 92B; Setaram, Lyon, France; Table 1).
23 October 2015 - US-based private equity firm Lariat Partners' Montana, US-based Northern Seed, LLC specialty agriculture business has closed the acquisition of US-based Triticale business from Syngenta, the fimr said.
We planted alfalfa and triticale in the pasture, but the weeds took over and it was a total flop.
Scientists at Kansas State University evaluated the formation of AGEs in cooked beef patties containing various cereal brans rich in polyphenolic antioxidants: wheat (Jagger variety); triticale, a hybrid of wheat and rye (Spring Triticale and Thundercale); and rye brans.