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see Standardbred horseStandardbred horse
or trotter,
American breed of light horse developed especially for harness, or sulky, racing. Of Thoroughbred ancestry, it is similar in appearance to a thoroughbred but has shorter legs.
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a horse whose principal gait is the trot. Special trotting breeds of horses have been developed, including the American, Orlov, and Russian trotters. Trotters may be used as light harness horses in agriculture, but their primary use is in harness racing and equestrian sports.


1. a person or animal that trots, esp a horse that is specially trained to trot fast
2. the foot of certain animals, esp of pigs
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The depth of the petrochemical industry in the GCC region gives Trotters immediate and scalable access to an abundant supply of petrochemical by-products, which provides ample potential for growth in the near future.
Mr Trotter anticipates that some people might joke about his surname and him becoming a millionaire.
Trotter, 54, died Tuesday, a year after closing his namesake Chicago restaurant that was credited with putting his city at the vanguard of the food world and training dozens of the nation's top chefs, including Grant Achatz and Graham Elliot.
If Trotter and Sullivan return to the People's Republic of Peckham with promotion in the bag tonight they will be hailed as the borough's greatest superheroes since Batman and Robin were at large in that classic episode.
Chill for half a day-the gelatin in the trotters will solidify and bind back together
Dr Maryanne Force has been on a 7,000-mile journey of discovery to learn more about Captain William Trotter.
The Trotters added the Lincoln-Mercury dealership in 1992 after getting short-term approval from Ford Motors to see if it would work out.
I just love it-it's quite a sensation, driving trotters.
By bringing in American and European trotters, the private owners are improving Russia's blood stock and its track times.
Householders in Trotter Haugh, in Edinburgh's upmarket Morningside, have been embarrassed by gags about the Only Fools And Horses TV sitcom character.
And as far as I gather their beef ain't about being linked wif Trotters Independent Trading Company.
The Trotters were chosen from among nearly 70 families submitted for the honor by state chapters of the Knights of Columbus in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.