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Electronic auction: execution of works on the project: "repair of the motor road along the sevsky line in the town of trubchevsk, bryansk region"
Address : 242220, Bryansk Region, Trubchevsky District, Trubchevsk City, Ul Bryanskaya, 59
Boris Komskii wrote from Trubchevsk in Briansk oblast in October 1943: "It's a strange state of affairs: the Germans ceaselessly babble about Jewish Bolsheviks, and the local women refer to the Germans [nemtsy] as mute Jews [nemye zhidy].
16, upper, second row) are also known from the Trubchevsk (Prikhodnyuk et al.
Further hints at an early seventh, if not even a sixth-century dating are offered by the assemblage in the Trubchevsk hoard.
15) That site has only fourth-rank links to Suuk Su, as well as to Pastyr'ske and Trubchevsk.
Koziivka, Kurilovka, and Trubchevsk belong to a group of characteristic finds from Left-Bank Ukraine and the highlands between the rivers Dnieper and Don, which have been dated to the late sixth or early seventh century, and typically include bow fibulae of Werner's classes II A, B, C, or D, as well as "Martynovka mounts" with open-work ornament (Shcheglova 1990; Curta 2007b, 39 f.
Electronic auction: execution of works on the project: "repair of the motor road in pushkin street in the town of trubchevsk, bryansk region"
Electronic auction: provision of services for the charging of subscribers for utilities water supply and sanitation in the city of trubchevsk and settlements of the trubchevsky district
Electronic auction: construction and installation work on the project: "reconstruction of the gas consumption system of the building" bani "at the address: trubchevsk, ul.
Request for quotations: purchase of medical equipment according to the application for the project reconstruction of the building of the former kindergarten under the outpatient department beloberezkovskoy local hospital gbuz trubchevsk crh