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From our traveling friend Bill Newton of the Springfield area, a longtime employee of CIPS in Marion, we received post cards from San Francisco and Saint Petersburg, Russia, where he was aboard the Viking riverboat, Truvor, and enjoying the trip very much.
In the first chapter, Luzhin senior fears to tell his son that he is to be sent to school: "He was afraid, Luzhin senior, that when his son learned why the founders of Russia, the completely featureless Sineus and Truvor, were necessary, as well as the table of Russian words taking the letter 'yat' and the principal rivers of Russia, the child would go into the same tantrum as had happened two years before, when slowly and heavily, to the sound of creaking stairs, crackling floorboards and shifting trunks, filling the whole house with her presence, the French governess had first appeared" (17).
Thus Riurik, Sineus, Truvor, Askold, Dir, Oleg, Igor, etc.