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a set of three pictures or panels, usually hinged so that the two wing panels fold over the larger central one: often used as an altarpiece



a work of art composed of three pictures, sculptural works in relief, or drawings that are united by a common idea, theme, or subject.


Lonkheit, K. Das Triptychon als Pathosformel. Heidelberg, 1959.
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Pauls and the twenty-first century Beckmann exhibit both contain paintings of "spiritual significance," that both display religious-seeming tryptychs, makes the meander over the bridge ironically a bit of an arc across the human condition.
While often mutedly displaying their traditional lineaments, Beckmann's more famous paintings--the tryptychs, the brazen self-portraits, the panels of mutilated and tortured figures--appear to be derived, not from the experiences of a particular religion or culture, but from a deep perpetual category of unregulated impulse that lies always beneath the veneer of culture.
William Shookhoff conducted Ensemble TrypTych in Frid's own nine-instrument reduction of the score with precision, and consistently brought out the work's stark beauty.
Tryptych has limited resources and this is reflected in its musical output.
People are investing in medium- to large-scale single canvasses or tryptychs and generally have more requests for stylised and contemporary designs rather than classical designs.