Tso Tsung-Tang

Tso Tsung-T’ang


Born Nov. 10, 1812, in Hsiangyin District, Hunan Province; died Sept. 5, 1885, in Fuchou. Chinese administrator and military commander under the Ch’ing Dynasty.

Tso launched his political career by helping to suppress the Taiping Rebellion of 1850–64. He served as governor of Kiangsu Province from 1861 to 1864, when he was appointed governor-general of Fukien and Chekiang provinces. In 1868, Tso led the punitive forces that put down an anti-Ch’ing uprising in the northwestern provinces; he became governor-general of Shansi and Kansu provinces. In 1875 he was named commander of an expedition to crush an uprising of non-Han peoples in Sinkiang; he dealt with the rebels in unusually brutal fashion. In 1881, Tso became governor-general of Kiangsi and Kiangsu provinces.