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(to͞oəpsyĕ`), city (1989 pop. 63,100), Krasnodar Territory, SE European Russia, on the Black Sea. It is a major petroleum port and the terminal of the pipeline from the Grozny oil fields. The city refines oil, manufactures equipment for the oil industry, and repairs ships. Tuapse was founded as a fortress in 1838.



a city under krai jurisdiction and administrative center of Tuapse Raion, Krasnodar Krai, RSFSR. Port on Tuapse Bay, an inlet of the Black Sea (see). Railroad station on the Armavir-Tbilisi line. Highway junction. Population, 61,000 (1975; 30,000 in 1939).

Tuapse originated as a settlement around the Russian military fortress of Vel’iaminovskii (founded 1838). It became the settlement of Vel’iaminovskii in 1871 and the urban-type settlement of Tuapse (named after the Tuapse River), the administrative center of an okrug in the Black Sea Province, in 1896. It has been a city since 1916. Soviet power was established in Tuapse on Nov. 3 (16), 1917. The city was captured by White Guard troops and was finally liberated in March 1920. In 1937 it became part of Krasnodar Krai. In September 1942, during the Great Patriotic War, fascist German troops were halted on the approaches to Tuapse (seeCAUCASUS: The Battle for the Caucasus, 1942–43). The city was heavily damaged by fascist air raids; it was restored after the war.

Tuapse has a petroleum refinery, machine-building and ship-repair plants, a machine shop, a plant for the production of reinforced-concrete articles, and a footwear factory. The food industry is represented by a meat-packing plant, a bread-baking combine, a winery, a brewery, a milk plant, and a fish cannery. The city’s educational and cultural institutions include a marine hy-drometeorological technicum, a pedagogical school, and a museum of local lore.


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Address : 352857, Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse District, Novomikhailovsky Village, Vdc "Orlenok"
Azerbaijan's state oil company SOCAR will soon begin to export Russian oil products from the Black Sea port of Tuapse city.
Many in the group may not even be sure exactly why they have undertaken this so-called "practice" journey between the towns of Tuapse and Uch Dere on the Black Sea.
05m b/d Black Sea terminals, mainly Novorossiysk and Tuapse.
However, Tuapse, Poti, and other smaller bases along the southern Caucasian coast of the Black Sea were never captured by the Germans; having failed to eliminate the Soviet naval forces completely, the Germans never obtained full control of the Black Sea.
Due to collapsing land in landslide regions, the connection by rail between Tuapse and Sochi was often cut off for days at a time.
Rosneft's Tuapse refinery, with a capacity of around 190,000 bpd, is set to boost oil processing in September to 236,500 bpd (12 million tonnes per year) due to clearance for a new pipeline.
62 billion from the Baltic port of Ust - Luga; and up to 60,000 tonnes of naphtha worth $65 million from Tuapse.
The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and the Tbilisi-Supsa pipelines compete with the Russian Caspian pipeline, having its terminals at Novorosiisk and Tuapse.
Rainfalls are expected in the Tuapse district and in Sochi.
And 3D seismic surveys of 20 locations within the Tuapse block of the Black Sea have found estimated recoverable reserves of 9bn boe.