Tubing Head

tubing head

[′tüb·iŋ ‚hed]
(petroleum engineering)
A spool-type unit or housing attached to the top flange on the uppermost oil-well-casing head to support the tubing string and to seal the annulus between the tubing string and the production casing string.

Tubing Head


a device for mounting a tubing string at the head of a flowing or gas-lift well; it is also used for the conduct of various production operations.

The tubing head makes it possible to suspend several tubing strings (for the simultaneous working of two or more beds at the same time through a single borehole), to install blowout prevention equipment and to seal the annulus between the tubing string and the casing string. The tubing head has a lateral opening through which oil, water, gas, or air is fed into the annulus between the casing string and the tubing in order to carry out production processes, such as stimulation of a flowing well or washing-out of sand plugs. The tubing head is connected to the head of the casing string from below and to the Christmas tree from above.

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The Porquero reservoir interval in Nelson 6 was perforated between 5,752 and 5,760 ft md and 5,784 and 5,831 ft md and flowed at a final stabilized rate of 23 million cubic feet per day ("MMSCFPD") (4,035 barrels of oil equivalent per day) of dry gas with no water at a flowing tubing head pressure of 879 pounds per square inch over a 23-hour test period.
He said the blowout occurred following gas leak in side valve tubing head spool.
Furthermore, wellhead or tubing head pressure by using the above mentioned correlations can be calculated by using the following equations respectively, however further detail can also be found in the literature (Beggs 1991; Beggs and Robinson 1975; Beggs and Brill 1973; Brill and Beggs 1978; Brown 1977; Economides et al.
The pay zone delivered a test rate of ~ 558,000 scf/day @ 235 psi Tubing Head Pressure and is now 'shut in' for a pressure build up test.
CB10A-F1 flowed at a rate of 300 barrels of oil per day (bopd) with 6 mm bean at a flowing tubing head pressure of 250 psi.
Davis-Standard develops a dual layer co-extrusion tubing head for the automotive industry.
The company has developed a dual layer co-extrusion tubing head.
Trombon 1 tested with a flowing tubing head pressure of 2,254 pounds per square inch over a 36-hour test period.
During the TPO the pay zone flowed for 12 days at a stable gas rate calculated at 529,500 scf/day (~ 200 psi Flowing Tubing Head Pressure), well above Sino Gas's commerciality threshold.
0 mscf/day) at a tubing head pressure of 40 bar (595 psi).
A dual layer co-extrusion tubing head is said to eliminate the need for multiple stage processes.