tule elk

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tule elk:

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, large North American deer, Cervus canadensis, closely related to the Old World red deer. It is commonly called elk in America although the name elk is used in Europe to refer to the moose.
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Right off the bat, our rules eliminate mountain sheep, Canada and Shiras moose, Canada caribou, muskoxen, mountain goats, big bears and California's Tule elk.
Schoenherr (1992) wrote that the California grizzly may have been generally unsuccessful in capturing tule elk and pronghorn; however, Schwartz et al.
On January 30 and 31, 2001, 30 tule elk were captured at San Luis NWR and relocated to augment 3 of the other 21 herds in California.
1987) to develop sampling procedures and a sightability model for tule elk in Owens Valley.
Early in the morning, you're likely to see tule elk nurturing their young.
After all, these non-native species were eating the same shrubs, forbs, and leafy vegetation as the native black-tailed deer and tule elk, a species that had all but gone extinct until the Park Service reintroduced the elk to the area with great effort and expense in 1978.
Except for the Roosevelt's Elk of the coastal Pacific Northwest and the smaller Tule elk of California, North America's primary elk herds make their living today in the vast national forests, wilderness areas and national parks of the Rocky Mountain states and provinces where grassy meadows, big timber and mountain streams and lakes provide all they need to flourish.
The Point Reyes Seashore Lodge in Olema is described as the perfect base for exploring redwoods, seeing tule elk or going kayaking in Tomales Bay.
Our prospect is on trend with and located immediately north of the prolific Elk Hills and Tule Elk fields, which have combined reserves greater than 1.
At that time, the Super Slam comprised 27 categories of big game, but with the addition of central Canada barren ground caribou and Tule elk, it now comprises 29 categories.
Also sold were; the Colorado Moose License for $20,500; the California Golden Opportunity Deer Tag for $9,000; the California Owens Valley Tule Elk License for $11,500; the Colorado Rocky Mountain Goat License for $9,500; the Colorado Elk License for $11,000; and the Washington Roosevelt Elk Auction Permit for $11,500.
Pierce Point Road, which can be reached from BearValley Road, ends at a range that is home to about 500 tule elk.