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a nation (natsiia; “nation” in the historical sense) and the basic population of Tunisia. The Tunisians number about 5.5 million (1975, estimate). Almost all Tunisians speak the eastern Maghribi, or Tunisian, dialect of Arabic. Fewer than 1 percent, who live on the island of Djerba and in the southern mountainous regions, speak a local dialect of Berber. Religious Tunisians are predominantly Sunni Muslims of the Malikite school. The majority of the Tunisians are engaged in agriculture; the inhabitants of the interior steppe regions are seminomadic herdsmen.

The Tunisians represent a mixture of the ancient indigenous inhabitants of the country, the Berbers, with Arabs who appeared in northwest Africa, beginning in the seventh century, during the formation of the Tunisian state. The consolidation of the Tunisians into a nation was furthered by the national liberation struggle against French colonial domination from 1881 to 1956 and by the strengthening of Tunisian political and economic independence after a republic was proclaimed in 1957.


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According to informed sources, the Libyan government of Tripoli has not issued decisions modifying the operating mode in its border crossings with Tunisia, knowing that the Ras Jedir border post from the Tunisian side will resume its activity as of next Wednesday, date
For his part, Head of Tunisian delegation, Editor-in-Chief of al-Sahafa Newspaper Ziad al-Hani said the Tunisian youths who joined the terrorist organizations in Syria were the victims of misleading practiced by recruiting networks.
Tunisia has an improved support framework for Tunisians abroad and enhanced coordination of government institutions with a mandate for Tunisians abroad.
The ANC has continued to extend its tenure, with many Tunisians viewing Ennahda as monopolising power.
The minister did not have the number of Tunisian women who have become pregnant after their sexual jihad in Syria, but he said the Tunisian government had stopped 6,000 female citizens from going to Syria to engage in sexual jihad by placing tougher border controls.
This has never been the case before and political parties are to blame in creating the division between Tunisians," he lamented.
The Tunisian official noted that the treatment of some of the wounded in Qatar would contribute to providing moral and political support to the Tunisian government.
Summary: The Tunisian ambassador to Syria, Mohamed Lawiti, as well as the rest of the ambassadorial staff in Syria, will return to Tunisia on Friday morning, February 10th.
The The UAE-Tunisian Partnership Meeting enabled the UAE delegation to view proposals by Tunisians as well as the relevant investment laws.
Tunisian Foreign Minister Ahmed Ouneies announced during a meeting on Wednesday with EU High Commissioner Catherine Ashton, his first visit overseas since assuming the role of foreign minister, that an "independent judiciary has been formed" to investigate former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his relatives on charges of embezzlement, ASHARQ Al AWSAT reported on Thursday.
Qaddafi said that the protests of the Tunisians were led astray by documents released to the public by WikiLeaks that disclosed the corruption in Ben Ali's administration and family life.
It is important for Tunisians to come together, in order to maintain the gains they achieved over decades after independence and prevent negative developments that might threaten such achievements,' the ministry added.