Tutankhamen's tomb

Tutankhamen’s tomb

its opening supposed to have brought a curse upon its excavators, some of whom died soon after. [Pop. Cult.: Misc.]
See: Curse
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1923 - The burial chamber of King Tutankhamen's tomb is unsealed in Egypt.
Although researchers couldn't find any information about the queen in her tomb, the tomb was kept in a very good condition, with all its treasures preserved just like Tutankhamen's tomb in Egypt.
According to the place of the tomb, where it lies in the same area of the Valley of the Kings and Tutankhamen's tomb, Amenemhat was one of those responsible for making the jewellery of King Amun and the royal family.
has used his knowledge of environmental microbiology to pinpoint the causes of decay in everything from historic manuscripts to the walls of King Tutankhamen's tomb to the Apollo spacesuits.
Baltic amber was used for a lion-shaped cup from that time previously discovered in Syria and for beads and scarabs found in Egyptian King Tutankhamen's tomb, Varberg says.
All the potential, all the fanatical - if at times, misguided - support, and yet both still have a trophy cabinet that has been opened fewer times than Tutankhamen's tomb.
Beginning with Abortion in the Garden of Eden Thrash opens with Deep in the heart of the Garden of Eden and moves toward Tutankhamen's tomb, continues on to Atlanta, mention The Tree of Life and The Tree of Knowledge and womankind bearing the brunt of Eve's disobedience; the reader is left breathless but driven turn the page and check the words coming next.
It is mentioned in the Bible and clay models were found in Tutankhamen's tomb in Egypt.
Summary: Why not combine a Nile trip with learning more about Pharaonic life and traditions and also seeing Karnak Temple and Tutankhamen's tomb without going to Luxor?
At intervals the reader will be enchanted by striking whole page illustrations, double page spreads and surprised by gatefolds--my favourite was a dark and dramatic double gatefold of Tutankhamen's tomb.
The plot was almost irrelevant, but it was set in a museum, which soon became a burial chamber, enabling the players to canter through the building of the pyramids, the gory preparation of a body for mummification and the trip into the next world - ending with Howard Carter and Lord Caernarfon discovering Tutankhamen's tomb.