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1. an old-time dance in duple time
2. a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of such a dance



a ballroom dance that originated in the USA in the early 20th century. The two-step became popular in Europe in the 1920’s. It is in 2/4 time. The main movements are two fast steps on the first beat of the measure and one slow step on the second.

References in classic literature ?
Old Scholey ran in at breakfast-time, to say she had slipped her moorings and was coming out, I jumped up, and made but two steps to the platform.
The drawing-room, as I have before observed, was raised two steps above the dining-room, and on the top of the upper step, placed a yard or two back within the room, appeared a large marble basin-- which I recognised as an ornament of the conservatory--where it usually stood, surrounded by exotics, and tenanted by gold fish--and whence it must have been transported with some trouble, on account of its size and weight.
Lecount repeated the direction to fix it in her memory, advanced two steps in the passage, and quietly laid her right hand on Magdalen's arm.
Two steps to the west meant now that I was to go two paces down the stone-flagged passage, and this was the place indicated by the Ritual.
After having undergone this sharp rebuke, the keeper of the harriers hung his head, and allowed the falconer to get two steps in advance of him nearer to D'Artagnan.
He ran up the stairs leading to her flat two steps at a time, and it never crossed his mind that she might not be at home.
Suddenly he advanced two steps, stooped, caught hold of her hands lying on her lap and pulled her up to her feet; she found herself standing close to him almost before she realized what he had done.
They that yield when they're asked,' says Robin, 'are one step before them that were never asked to yield, sister, and two steps before them that yield before they are asked; and that's an answer to you, sister.
You see, being rather high and up two steps they call it a Perch.
He approached the room on tiptoe, went down two steps into it and in a faint voice called the porter.
They stared after him for a moment and then Erskine ran out and went downstairs two steps at a time.
I became angry; he began to laugh, I threatened to strike him, and he made two steps backwards.