Two-Cycle Engine

two-cycle engine

[′tü ¦sī·kəl ′en·jən]
(mechanical engineering)
A reciprocating internal combustion engine that requires two piston strokes or one revolution to complete a cycle.

Two-Cycle Engine


an internal combustion engine in which the work cycle is completed during one revolution of the crankshaft. The cycle includes intake of the fuel mixture (or air), compression, and combustion, as well as expansion and exhaust of gases; the whole cycle is completed during two strokes of the piston.

A part of the fresh charge entering the cylinder is invariably lost through the exhaust openings during the scavenging part of the cycle. This loss lowers the economic efficiency of the two-cycle engine. This type of engine also has the disadvantage of a high thermal loading of the piston, tending to lower the reliability of the engine. A complicated exhaust-scavenging arrangement is an additional disadvantage.


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27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Biolubricants are widely used in hydraulic fluids, metalworking fluids, chainsaw oils, mold release agents, two-cycle engine oils, gear oils, greases and others applications.
Ethanol is a big issue in the chainsaw and two-cycle engine community.
Michael Kaergaard Madsen and Jesper Lykke Rasmussen of Vejle, Denmark, won for developing a prototype of a two-cycle engine that pushes unused gas back into the cylinder so that it is burned instead of wasted.
And even a mint-condition Trabant, the once-despised East German car with a two-cycle engine that now has a certain nostalgic chic, putt-putting its way along St.
They are currently using soy-based products such as soy-based carpet hacking, two-cycle engine oil, mastic removers, hand cleaners, general-purpose cleaners and soy ink.
These include commercial rail, flange and switch lubricants, wire rope lubricants and top-of-rail lubricants, as well as two-cycle engine oils, for use in both water-and air-cooled engines.
Comperini flies a Quicksilver MXLII Sport powered by a two-stroke, two-cycle engine.
I asked, as if everybody knew what two-cycle engine oil was.
The renewable biofuel, Alestron[TM], is an energy dense fuel that can displace high percentages of gasoline, diesel, and two-cycle engine fuels.
High-rpm tuning is critical to the life and performance of any two-cycle engine, and the LED acts as a tachometer, coming on when the high-speed needle is properly adjusted.
The lowly two-cycle engine may never replace its well-bred four-cycle cousin, but researchers at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) in San Antonio, Tex.

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