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a river in Krasnoiarsk Krai and Tomsk Oblast, RSFSR; a right tributary of the Ob’ River. The Tym is 950 km long and drains an area of 32,300 sq km. It originates on and flows over the southeastern part of the Western Siberian Lowland. It is fed primarily by snow. High water is from May through August. The mean flow rate 272 km from the mouth is 182 cu m per sec. The Tym freezes in October or the beginning of November, and the ice breaks up at the end of April or in May. The river is used for timber flotation and is navigable for 560 km from the mouth.



a river in Sakhalin Oblast, RSFSR. The Tym’ is 330 km long and drains an area of 7,850 sq km. Originating on the southern slope of Mount Lopatin in the Vostochnyi Sakhalin Mountains, it flows through the Tym’-Poronai Trough in its middle course and empties in two channels into Nyiskii Gulf of the Sea of Okhotsk. It is fed by mixed sources, but predominantly by snow. During typhoons there are severe flash floods. The mean flow rate 80 km from the mouth is 89 cu m per sec. The Tym’ freezes in November or early December, and the ice breaks up at the end of April or in May. The river is used for timber flotation and is navigable in its lower course.

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Para deteccion del deterioro cognitivo se utilizaron los tests MEC, ACE-R y PFAQ ademas del TYM (Tabla 1)
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Scott Reed, 25, a website developer, from Stockton; Norman Dickinson, 72, retired from Middlesbrough; Sharon Barnes, 56, a nurse from Ormesby; Elizabeth Tym, 75, a doctor from Cambridge; Sonia Vine, 26, an immigration worker from Stockton; Louise Edwards, 30, an immigration worker from Hemlington
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