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, town (1994 pop. 21,600), NE Israel. One of Israel's four holy cities, it has a thriving artists' colony and many museums and ancient synagogues. Ceramics, diamonds, and handicrafts are produced in the town, which has a large Orthodox Jewish population. Founded c.A.D.
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, Israel.
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Meet Amos Silver, a long-haired hippie who grew up in an ultra-Orthodox home in Tzfat and has become the unlikely mastermind behind Telegrass, a blossoming weed-commerce application that has more than 100,000 Israeli users.
Ofir, Reduction in Sodium Content of Fresh, Semihard Tzfat Cheese Using Salt Replacer Mixtures : Taste, Texture and Shelf Life Evaluation, International J.
2A[degrees]F) in Tzfat (Safed) to 15A[degrees]C (59A[degrees]F) in Eilat.
Hospitals allowed to receive the machines over the next three years include five government-owned medical centers Wolfson in Holon, Ziv in Tzfat, Hillel Jaffe in Hadera, Poriya in Tiberias and Bnei Zion in Haifa; Emek in Afula, owned by Clalit Health Services and three others to be decided in future.
Israel was divided in four governments, with Jerusalem, Gaza, Shem and Tzfat as their capitals; each government corresponded to a military commandment led by a Sangeak Bey (namely the flag's master).
Included are stops in talmudic Babylonia, the Golden Age of Spain and Portugal, sixteenth-century Tzfat, Renaissance Italy, Rashi's France, the world of the Eastern European shtetl, the Holland of the Conversos, the Prague of Rabbi Judah Loew, nineteenth-century Syria, and immigrant New York.
Other sites worth a visit include the ancient town of Capernaum where Jesus spent much of his time, the Roman Baths and hot springs near Tiberias, and the Jewish `holy city' of Tzfat, or Safed.
The night before Kol Nidre, a childhood friend and I made a baseball fan's equivalent of aliyaha trip to Fenway Park which, along with Wrigley Field, comprise the Jerusalem and Tzfat of major league ballparks.
Regarding the wedding, Tzfat (Safed) Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu on Sunday claimed that the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) "cooked up" the incident to cover up public outcry, over allegations of brutal torture against Jewish suspects being held in the Duma case.
The idea of the dybbuk gained traction in the 16th century, when kabbalah, flourishing in the northern Galilee city of Tzfat, promulgated ideas about the afterlife.
CDATA[ A bus crash between Carmiel and Tzfat kills five and wounds dozens.