U-2 incident

U-2 incident,

in U.S. and Soviet history, the events following the Soviet downing of an American U-2 high altitude reconnaissance aircraft over Soviet territory on May 1, 1960. The incident led to the collapse of a proposed summit conference between the United States, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and France in Paris. President Eisenhower's initial claim that he had no knowledge of such flights was difficult to maintain when the Soviets produced the pilot, Francis Gary Powers, who had survived the crash. Eisenhower met Khrushchev's demand for an apology by suspending U-2 flights, but the Soviet Premier was not satisfied and the summit was canceled. Powers was sentenced to ten years in prison, but was released in 1962 in exchange for convicted Soviet spy Rudolph Abel.


See M. R. Beschloss, Mayday (1986).

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The exhilaration that we felt that day equates to the intellectual and emotional stimulation that people will experience when they read Operation Overflight: A Memoir of the U-2 Incident.
Two weeks later, Khrushchev used the U-2 incident and Ike's refusal to apologize to dynamite the Paris summit and the gauzy Spirit of Camp David that had come out of his ten-day visit to the U.
Had there been no U-2 incident, would the history of the Cold War have been different?
Hopes for an agreement evaporated, however, after the U-2 incident.
Although Greene's case for defending Eisenhower's motives is quite convincing, the emphasis on motives conveniently minimizes actions by Eisenhower that may have contributed to his failure to achieve a test ban: for example, his handling of the U-2 incident and his selection of Lewis Strauss as chief atomic advisor.
Nine times out of 10, when I go to a high school to talk about the U-2 incident, the students think I'm there to talk about the rock band,'' Powers said.
The U-2 incident and a later one concerning an American RB-47 airplane, together with U.
Is the whole affair, like the U-2 incident, a manufactured monkey wrench to thwart the superpower summit?
Although historians have examined this episode in great detail, Aldous is very good in explaining the impact of the U-2 incident on the participants of the summit and the way in which it made any public accommodation at Paris impossible.