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But the American Seed Trade Association recently asked the U.
A proposal to open the door to Mexican avocados could reduce annual revenue for California producers by 30 percent, according to an analysis by the U.
For these purposes, the Department of Energy would receive $49 million, and $194 million is slated for the U.
Truth: Chocolate had more "antioxidant capacity" than fruits and vegetables in a study by the U.
The Washington Dairy Products Commission (WDPC), a state agency, is certified by the U.
She pleaded no contest last October to 200 federal animal-welfare violations and lost her U.
Any differences in how well calories are used by the body are trivial," says Susan Roberts, head of the Energy Metabolism Laboratory at the Jean Mayer U.
She spent three years as Undersecretary of Food Safety in the U.
Nevertheless, they are awfully close to the recommended serving sizes set by the U.

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