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While an e1/4899 (US$1170) price tag appears significantly higher that the Surface Pro's U.
Overall price differentials among markets: ex-manufacturer prices of 170 best-selling drugs in six major markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Japan) relative to U.
The lingering negative effects of the decline in U.
Overall, the prices in Europe of the 160 drugs analyzed in this report were only 54% of U.
In addition to the movements of nominal exchange rates, U.
net exports during 1988 came from the improvement in U.
The first IBO last October attracted about 2,000 potential buyers interested in oceanfront vacation or retirement homes with solid annual appreciation and at a fraction of U.
ROSARITO BEACH, Mexico -- At a time when California housing prices are out of the reach of many, thousands of Americans are buying beautiful Baja oceanfront homes at a fraction of U.
Oceanfront and view homes still are available here at a fraction of U.
The series is tied to the boom in which thousands of Americans are buying homes and property along Baja's western Gold Coast from Tijuana to Ensenada at a fraction of U.
Canadian ex-manufacturer prices for brand name drugs are close to median European prices but lower than U.