United Arab Republic

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United Arab Republic,

political union (1958–61) of EgyptEgypt
, Arab. Misr, biblical Mizraim, officially Arab Republic of Egypt, republic (2015 est. pop. 93,778,000), 386,659 sq mi (1,001,449 sq km), NE Africa and SW Asia.
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 and SyriaSyria
, officially Syrian Arab Republic, republic (2015 est. pop. 18,735,000), 71,467 sq mi (185,100 sq km), W Asia. It borders on Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea in the west, on Turkey in the northwest and north, on Iraq in the east and south, and on Jordan and Israel in the
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. The capital was Cairo. The two countries were merged (1958) into a single unit comprising the Southern (Egypt) and the Northern (Syria) Regions, with Gamal Abdal NasserNasser, Gamal Abdal
, 1918–70, Egyptian army officer and political leader, first president of the republic of Egypt (1956–70). A revolutionary since youth, he was wounded by the police and expelled (1935) from secondary school in Cairo for leading an anti-British
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 as president. As an initial step toward creating a pan-Arab union, the republic abolished Syrian and Egyptian citizenship, termed its inhabitants Arabs, and called the country "Arab territory." It considered the Arab homeland to be the entire area between the Persian Gulf and the Atlantic coast. With Yemen (North Yemen), it formed (1958) a loose federation called the United Arab States. In 1961, Syria withdrew from the union after a military coup, and Yemen soon followed, thus ending the union. Egypt continued to use the name until 1971.

United Arab Republic


the official name of a unified state comprising Egypt and Syria that existed from February 1958 to September 1961. From Sept. 28, 1961, to Sept. 11, 1971, it was the official name of Egypt, which was later renamed the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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In an document entitled "Military Capabilities of Israel and the Arab States", the CIA assessed that "Israel could almost certainly attain air supremacy over the Sinai Peninsula in less than 24 hours after taking the initiative or in two or three days if the UAR struck first.
Six unit trust groups, representing 120 funds, have also weighed in, helping UAR to amass a database of two million unclaimed financial assets.
For a pounds 15 fee, UAR will search their database of over two million names to find if there's money owed to you.
Thus, almost 40 years after the collapse of the UAR, Elie Podeh's book is certainly a long overdue study.
Article 8 of the Law of 1958 determined that UAR Consulates abroad will maintain records of persons granted Certificates of Emigre Citizens; Article 9 granted the holders of these Certificates the right of entry into the UAR (presumably on a foreign passport) without obtaining an entry visa; the right of residence in the UAR; the right to work in the UAR; and the enjoyment of other rights as determined by the President of the Republic.
O'Neill also has to make decisions on pounds 13m Asamoah Gyan, currently on loan at UAR outfit Al-Ain, and Benin star Stephane Sessegnon, who has complained of being homesick.
As a TACOM UAR at Ft Riley, I've encountered several M121 with M191 bipod mortars that had corroded so badly that their elevation systems had seized.
With the significant progress the UAR has made in transforming rugby in Argentina and making the case to SANZAR for it to be included in the Tri-Nations, we are confident all parties can work together to confirm the Pumas' participation from 2012.
The Pumas are unhappy with the facilities provided by the UAR in the build-up to recent Test matches and 60 players signed a critical letter.
Some 60 Pumas players are refusing to play for the national team because they believe the UAR do not listen to or satisfy their views on payments and the standard of facilities.
However, a recent survey by the UAR showed that nine out of ten people have no idea where to go to track down their potentially lost treasures.